matthew bishop: RT @EconBizFin: Dodd-Frank: Flaws in bloated law passed in the aftermath of America’s financial crisis become ever more apparent http:// ...

Economist's View: Links for 2012-02-18

FT Alphaville: Further further reading

Markit: Factoid: Dodd-Frank Act: 848 pages, Glass-Steagall: 32 pages.See @TheEconomist for commentary and video DFA

HedgeWorld's Alternative Reality: Hedge funds – quitting while they’re behind, accountants killed MF Global, Lehman 2.0 and more

Dr Ausberto Torres: RT @rszbt: Nice chart: Who can do what to whom before and after Dodd-Frank I The Economist:

The story behind Occupy the SEC's blistering Volcker Rule letter