Zac Bissonnette: RT @MONEY: Those in 30s and 40s most likely to have student loans, but 1/3 of total debt is held by borrowers 40 and over. ...

mattyglesias: About a third of student loan debt is held by people 40 and older:

Betsey Stevenson: The facts: "The outstanding student loan balance now stands at about $870 billion" total debt grew 2.1% over 1 quarter Economics Blog: Number of the Week: Most Borrowers Not Paying Down Student Loans

naked capitalism: Philip Pilkington: Student Debt in the US Continues to Blow Up

Zach Seward: There are about 167,000 Americans with more than $200,000 in student debt Those must be some stories.

Gawker: Student Loan Debt Delinquency Is Much Worse Than We Thought [Bubbles]

Ezra Klein: Even senior citizens have student debt

Abnormal Returns: Monday links: multiple elephants