Ryan McCarthy: Only @EpicureanDeal could use "prelapsarian" in reference to investment banks. Bravo

Epicurean Dealmaker: "[Others] may be too polite to say this, O Public Shareholders of Goldman Sachs, but I am not: I blame you." $GS

Epicurean Dealmaker: Three's a Crowd [post]: $GS

Steve Randy Waldman: On the time horizons of shareholder clienteles and their effects on corporate governance. Kind of. See @EpicureanDeal

Tadas Viskanta: How public shareholders ruined Goldman Sachs. RT @EpicureanDeal: Three's a Crowd [post]: $GS

Tim Fernholz: Nice. RT @EpicureanDeal: Three's a Crowd [post]: $GS

Epicurean Dealmaker: Three's a Crowd [post]: $GS