Epicurean Dealmaker: Excellent piece by @ryanavent on how NIMBY-ism in Silicon Valley is cramping tech-boom-fueled growth:

Modeled Behavior: Agreed, too good for blogs MT @Noahpinion @ryanavent Seriously, why is this just a blog post? Needs to be NYT article

delong: Noah Smith: Ryan Avent writes the best “Silicon Valley needs more people” article yet:

Richard Florida: RT @ryanavent: On Silicon Valley Innovation and More ...

mattyglesias: . @RyanAvent goes long on Silicon Valley's buildings shortage:

Ryan Avent: ICYMI over the wknd, a look at joblessness of Silicon Valley booms:

Abnormal Returns: Sunday links: unwanted allocations

Ryan Avent: Silicon Valley is too hot for jobs: #words #lotsofthem

Stanford's likely too cozy relationship with Silicon Valley