Boing Boing: Stuxnet, the worm that targeted Iran's nuclear facilities, was created by US and Israel

Matt Langer: "The code itself is 50 times as big as the typical computer worm." Claassssic big gov't, end the fed or something

Mathew Ingram: wow -- according to this, the U.S. and Israel developed the Stuxnet virus to attack Iran:

All News on 'The Twitter Times: felixsalmon': Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran

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FP Passport: Morning Brief: UN and US warn of civil war in Syria

Blake Hounshell: Really, though, this is getting unseemly

Nick Rizzo: Excellent, bombshell report on US cyber-warfare against Iran. Stuxnet was a joint US/Israeli worm.

Colin James Nagy: FASCINATING: “It turns out there is always an idiot around who doesn’t think much about the thumb drive in their hand.”