3quarksdaily: Thank you for killing my novel

Latest Posts | the Atlantic Wire: Author, New York Times Make Up After They Misread His Book

southpaw: RT @michaelroston: I like to think this is not the process by which most of our corrections come about #longreads

Nell Minow: RT @SlateBooks: Many amazing/awful things here but most amazing that NYT emailed a fictional character to verify a fact

Caleb Crain: "I also thought: This may be the most sadistic moment of belated fact-checking in the history of mankind."

Slate: How an incorrect book review led a fact checker to an extraordinary email exchange with a fictional character:

Eric Umansky: “the most sadistic moment of belated fact-checking in history.”n

Daniel Drezner: "The New York Times, the paper of record, had written a fictitious character to verify a fact. On purpose."

Glenn Greenwald: This article - by a fiction author who received a hilariously error-strewn negative review by NYT - is really worth it:

Heidi N. Moore: This is how to milk a bad review with charm. via @patrickerville

Glenn Greenwald: RT @kerrylauerman: Hilarious, fascinating tale from an author whose book gets throttled (and misread) by the NYT: ( ...