• Bocapunter

    Typical of the disjointed,confusing,factually incorrect articles in the last few years that have degraded the New York Times. The Obama administration is lying about no tax increases for the middle class. The making work pay credit has disappeared this year. The deduction for medical expenses floor of 7.5% of A.G.I. will go to 10% next year. F.I.C.A. will probably go back to the proper rate soon. Other things will disappear to pay for the A.C.A. The notion that a consumption tax does not distort economic behavior is absurd. V.A.T. taxes in Europe of 20-25% are regressive and hurt the poor. They are collected because the national game in most of those countries is beating the taxman. Less than 10% pay proper income taxes in Italy. We may have poorer medical outcomes here because of very crappy health habits and pure laziness. Anyone who needs healthcare in this country if they really need it can go get it. Compare our system to the other big countries-Brazil,Indonesia,Russia,China,India. I think you’ll stay here. We don’t want our taxes to resemble the rest of the world.