It's an election year and gun sales are soaring again


  • Dude

    move along…just another typical vapid, ill-informed and oh-so-snarky agitprop. I think this woman made half of this crap up. So she witnessed an attempted straw purchase, a guy yapping about his six-year old shooter boy, and so on. She even managed to throw Walmart under the bus as well. Yawn. But after all of her in depth study (in one gun shop) she still doesn’t know the difference between a bullet and a cartridge. A .50 caliber rifle does shoot ‘ a bullet as big as my hand’. it’s the size of a woman’s pinky finger. Anyway, I know liberals are bored with truth and details, so I’ll move on to sexier topics like how easy it supposedly is to buy an AK-47 machine gun, which in fact is impossible unless you have a Class III dealer license which is next to impossible to get. She goes on and on about A) how dumb the gun people are B) how un-caring the gun people are and C) how wacked out the gun people are…..but in the end, the writer buys a gun in a free state, to avoid the hassle in her home state. Classic, do-nothing liberal enjoying the fruits of those who labored before her.

  • pete

    Actually, I think that an AK-47 (well, a *true* AK 47) would fall under “sub-machine gun” status, not “machine gun” due to its caliber, but I stand to be corrected on this. This is why I love to discuss the finer points with my fellow conservatives/libertarians: discourse regarding facts, not emotion. So, let me know what is correct here. Truly, after reading this article, I think the nice lady was trying her best to understand our mindset, but they will never understand until they are in a tight spot. Oh, yeah – - they can call the police. :)