zero hedge: Frontrunning: September 27

Max Abelson: The Beatles' "Dig It" + "I Dig Love" = "I Dig It," how Romney avoided DoubleClick taxes, via @JesseDrucker @eisingerj


  • Millieann

    Envy is a really nasty quality. All of these hit pieces on people with money are nothing but appeals to the worst instincts in people. Romney is a very good man who has done a great deal for others, including risking danger to save people’s lives. Yes, that is true. He has risked his own personal safety to save people’s lives. He is a very generous man, very good-hearted and helpful to others. Obama has nothing on Romney, so all he can do is try to smear him with… what? I’ll tell you what… he tries to smear Romney based on the fact that Romney is wealthy. Of course, Obama fails to mention the multi-million dollar home he recently purchased. And all the Democrat leaders fail to mention how wealthy they themselves are, while at the same time encouraging their supporters to hate the rich. Hey, I guess it works, because plenty of their supporters have jumped on the bandwagon. But it’s just really very nasty.

    Furthermore, I am all for hiding as much money as legally possible from the federal government. Our federal government is totally out of control.