naked capitalism: Links 10/11/12


naked capitalism: Links 10/11/12

Clusterstock: Goldman Sachs Investigated And Found One Email Referencing Clients As 'Muppets'

Ezra Klein: The truth about Goldman Sachs and the Muppets

felix salmon: How many times have Goldman employees sent out emails referencing the Muppets movie? Turns out it's more than 4,000.

David McKibbin: $GS 'muppet hunt' draws a blank #FT 'Sesame St politicised'. We shd offer asylum. We've plenty of muppets in UK & EU.

Alan Beattie: "Muppet hunt" is an excellent expression.

Tom Braithwaite: Goldman finds few muppets after Greg Smith op-ed. Execs say he wanted $1m pay weeks before he left