Ryan McCarthy: Outrage in the Powerless Zone: A dispatch from downtown Manhattan via @dceiver

Amanda Palmer: RT, real update from NYC (thnx for sharing) RT @MarcAndreGauvnyou should read this if you have not already

oliver + s: Things are going to go from bad to worse in lower Manhattan very quickly.

Matt Zeitlin: RT @TheStalwart Jeez. My neighborhood sounds like total hell. …

Joseph Weisenthal: Jeez. My neighborhood sounds like total hell.

Anna Holmes: This is chilling and very worrisome.

felix salmon: “I did not witness a single Red Cross Truck or FEMA Vehicle in lower Manhattan”:

Jason Linkins: Outrage In The Powerless Zone: A Dispatch From Downtown Manhattan | Gothamist via @rebelmouse

jodikantor: RT @lisang: A very sobering report on the situation in lower Manhattan. Very.