Faisal Islam: Fiscal Cliff basically over due to Republican acknowledgement of weakness says Politico, via @businessinsider


Baseline Scenario: Dennis Kelleher, Better Markets CEO, for SEC Chair? @morningmoneyben @politico: changing the conventional wisdom

Clusterstock: The White House Is Hosting A Big Fiscal Cliff Meeting And Wall Street Isn't Invited

Ben White: 2012 as Year of the Data Nerds in politics: How Moody's called it almost perfectly nine months ago.

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Ben White: You should read Morning Money today to find out why Goldman Sachs didn't respond on camera to Greg Smith on 60 Minutes

Ben White: Robert Gibbs on panel I moderated said of his reaction to first POTUS debate: "Five minutes in I thought, 'Oh s#@t"

Clusterstock: There May Be No Good Scenario For The Fiscal Cliff

Joseph Weisenthal: Wow. If I'm reading this right, it appears that @morningmoneyben's newsletter will start coming two hours later.

Clusterstock: Face It, Wall Street Has No Friends

Clusterstock: Former Biden Staffer's New Book Suggests The Justice Department Was Hardly Thinking About Going After Wall Street

mattyglesias: At last! Empirical evidence on Ben Bernanke's view of the relationship between fiscal and monetary stimulus:

Grasping Reality with Both Hands: The Semi-Daily Journal Economist Brad DeLong: The Buzz from Michael Grunwald's Book About Obama Economic Policymaking...

Better Markets: Shelia Bair being "despised" is a badge of honor for standing up when the pressure was greatest. @morningmoneyben

Better Markets: Put the handcuffs on to restore the rule of law to Wall Street. @morningmoneyben @CurrentSpitzer

Clusterstock: It's 'Unbelievable' How Much The Economy Is Getting Slammed By The Government Spending Slowdown

Clusterstock: BLANKFEIN: Politicians In DC Need To Fix 3 Things

Joseph Weisenthal: RT @morningmoneyben: Look for Sen. Chuck Schumer to press Bernanke hard to do more to reduce unemployment rate:

Ben White: Look for Sen. Chuck Schumer to press Bernanke hard to do more to reduce unemployment rate:

Better Markets: Don't miss @morningmoneyben for all that you need to know; Senate Ag Cmte hearing preview w/Dennis Kelleher testifying.

Better Markets: Today's House hearing on the financial reform law starts at 10AM @cpan. See & @morningmoneyben

Clusterstock: Yesterday's Philly Fed Report Implies A Horrendous Jobs Report

Clusterstock: Another Survey Shows No One's Worried About The Fiscal Cliff

Latest Posts | the Atlantic Wire: Supreme Court Will Not Rule on Obamacare Today

Sam Ro: LOL "INA DREW LAST SEEN UNDER BUS" @morningmoneyben

Better Markets: BM's CEO "Dennis Kelleher [is] the man Wall Street loves to hate" - read why @morningmoneyben &

Ben White: RT @RepShelley: ICYMI: @morningmoneyben Capito pushes change to CARD Act

Ben White: RT @cajunbanker: Big Gulp of hypocrisy from restaurants re New York govt reg of sugar. Supported Durbin #banking @m ...

Ben White: In internal Romney camp email, top oil lobbyist says safe to ignore someone who "isn't a donor that needs attention."

Better Markets: Doesn't mean anything @morningmoneyben "very easy for an FBI source to tell a reporter ...going to look at something"

Better Markets: Delusion via @morningmoneyben JPM thinks it "has owned up to everything forthrightly, repeatedly & on the record"

The Reformed Broker: Our Jobs Day Traditions

Ben White: RT @MattZeitlin: Second day I get Morning Money, @morningmoneyben delivers big FHFA scoop: signed off on principal reduction in 2009 htt ...

Andrew Sprung: RT @MattZeitlin: Second day I get Morning Money, @morningmoneyben delivers big FHFA scoop: signed off on principal reduction in 2009 htt ...

Matt Zeitlin: Second day I get Morning Money, @morningmoneyben delivers big FHFA scoop: signed off on principal reduction in 2009

Ben White: RT @EurasiaGroup: Why is a US grand bargain not coming, regardless of the election result? @morningmoneyben cites @seanpwest: http://t.c ...

Ben White: RT @petersgoodman: Latest sign demarco opp principal reduct ideological

Peter S. Goodman: Latest sign demarco opp principal reduct ideological

Better Markets: @morningmoneyben: "Recovery Not So Bad by Historic Standards," but "Middle Class Keeps Losing Ground" both fm Bloomberg

Felix Salmon Econoblog: Counterparties: SIGTARP vs. Treasury

Clusterstock: This One Indicator Says The Next Jobs Report Will Be Another Home Run

Ben White: Thanks to @ianshepherdson for making me look smart on jobless claims.

Clusterstock: Yep, Obama's Re-Election All Comes Down To One Thing

Clusterstock: The #1 Reason To Still Feel Good About The US Economy

Clusterstock: The New York Fed Just Hosted The Mother Of All Power Lunches

Katya Wachtel: "This in turn means... well, nothing good. In the long run it means ... Greece"

Ben White: Ty! "@DennisKelleher1: .@morningmoneyben If you don't read Morning Money, you don't know what's going on."

Ben White: Ty! "@moorehn: I liked @morningmoneyben's definitive roundup of takes on Greg Smith. Thanks!"

Heidi N. Moore: I liked @morningmoneyben's definitive roundup of takes on Greg Smith. Thanks!

Clusterstock: A New Paradox In The US Economy Could Mean Bad News For The Market

Clusterstock: Neil Barofsky and Austan Goolsbee Got Into A Twitter War This Morning

Ben White: RT @neilbarofsky: Hilarious -- "Tresaury v. Barofsky: It Never Ends" via @morningmoneyben.

Neil Barofsky: Hilarious -- "Tresaury v. Barofsky: It Never Ends" via @morningmoneyben.

Ben White: Well earned "@neilbarofsky: Thanks @morningmoneyben, I am honored!"

Neil Barofsky: Thanks @morningmoneyben, I am honored!

The Reformed Broker: Guest Post: A Complete Information Diet is a Must for Market Survival

Dealbreaker: Opening Bell: 03.02.11

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Business on Dennis M. Kelleher: More Unconscionable Wall Street Whining

Clusterstock: Why People Are Getting Super-Nervous About Today's Jobs Report

Ben White: Thank you kindly RT"@bySamRo: Morning must read from @morningmoneyben More important than morning coffee."

Sam Ro: Morning must read from @morningmoneyben More important than morning coffee.

Wonkette: Happy Mitt Romney Tax Return Day!

Ben White: Nice, tnx "@innov8v: all you need to start your day is coffee, a workout and...POLITICO Morning Money @morningmoneyben"

Ben White: POLITICO begins distributing papers in NYC today. They come with a free bagel and coffee (except no bagel or coffee).

David Wessel: RT @neilbarofsky: Obama contemplating moving final day of convention to "Bank of America" stadium. Perfect.

Neil Barofsky: Obama contemplating moving final day of the convention to "Bank of America" stadium. Perfect.

Katya Wachtel: "Remember the 'Bizarro Jerry' episode of Seinfeld? Rahm is Kramer. Jack Lew is Feldman"

Katya Wachtel: "Did you know Goldman Sachs owns part of the CSI TV franchise? Yeah, neither did anyone else..."

Talking Biz News: NYT banking reporter is leaving

Latest Posts | the Atlantic Wire: Obama Raises the Stakes on the Payroll Tax Impasse

Ben White: In case you missed my scoop-lette from this a.m. on admin demanding Reid block omnibus until payroll tax/U.I. done.

Dealbreaker: Opening Bell: 12.13.11

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Rob Garcia: POLITICO: Citi settle, Frank heading out, Cain being accused once more, China slowing, tax cuts ... by @morningmoneyben

Talking Biz News: What Andrew Ross Sorkin reads

Ben White: Aww."@VictoriaRColey: @morningmoneyben Only from the BEST morning email @politico MM promise it will change your life!"

Clusterstock: CHART OF THE DAY: Why The Next Jobs Report Could Be A Real Monster

Clusterstock: Larry Summers' Reading List On The Financial Crisis

Ben White: That did occur RT"@noamscheiber: FWIW, that last thing about "theoretical academics" comes from @morningmoneyben."

Clusterstock: 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning (XOM, PG, V, FNM, FRE)

James Pethokoukis: big thanks to @morningmoneyben for the shoutout today in Politico's must-read Morning Money

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How investors are preparing for the fiscal cliff