EconLog: The False Advertising of the CFTC, by Bryan Caplan

William Easterly: RT @ChuckSRQ: @fivethirtyeight @bill_easterly @HedgeyeDJ Help! The CFTC Is Suing Intrade. #bogus #IntradeCFTC

StreetEYE Linkfest: CFTC Charges"Prediction Markest" Intrade and TEN with Violating Off-Exchange Opti - - $$

Josh Giersch: Having solved every other problem facing US optures and futions mkts, the CFTC goes after Intrade (h/t @tomgara):

Nate Silver: Out of all things the CFTC could be doing to protect consumers and investors, it chooses to sue Intrade?!?

Sam Ro: RT @IvanTheK: InTrade has odds of a CFTC victory at 8.7%. RT @amaeryllis: CFTC suing inTrade

alea: RT @justinwolfers: RT @amaeryllis:nCFTC suing inTrade …

Justin Wolfers: RT @amaeryllis:nCFTC suing inTrade …

amaeryllis: CFTC suing inTrade

David Wessel: CFTC goes after Intrade, other prediction markets for unlawful trading off 'off-exchange options'

Modeled Behavior: RT @ChuckSRQ: @zerohedge @EconTalker @ModeledBehavior Help bring attention to this! The CFTC Is Suing Intrade. #Int ...

Clusterstock: The CFTC Is Suing Intrade