Taylor Lorenz: An Oral History of Newsweek Magazine via @andrewromano @moorehn

Heidi N. Moore: The best thing you’ll read all week: history of Newsweek from drunks to CIA payoffs to affairs. RT @mccanner:

Bob Cohn: "How tall the rubber-tree plant?"

Bob Cohn: “This is a great job,” he said. “You can do it drunk.” And a lot of Newsweek people did."

Bob Cohn: "The real difference b/w Time and Newsweek was that Time was an editor’s magazine and Newsweek a reporter’s magazine."

Bob Cohn: Great details in this oral history of @Newsweek in the go-go '60s-80s,by @andrewromano in the final print issue.

Matt Zeitlin: "Ken Auchincloss personally passing out overtime checks to nearly every employee. That certainly never happened again."

Nick Summers: Fabulous huge Newsweek oral history, by @AndrewRomano, not least for the parts on Peter Goldman: