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Joseph Weisenthal: Big thanks to @reformedbroker for asking to contribute to his "What I Learned In 2012" post.

StreetEYE: In investing and politics, detailed analysis and an effective ground game beat belief and bluster. - Tom Brakke

Kid Dynamite: that @DougKass quote was brought to you by @ReformedBroker 's "In 2012 I learned that..."

Tadas Viskanta: Always a good way to ring out the financial year. RT @reformedbroker: IN 2012 I LEARNED THAT.... $$

howardlindzon: One of my fave contributions of every year....a MIUST read...please share @reformedbroker: IN 2012 I LEARNED THAT.. $$

NYTFridge: 'In 2012 I Learned That ...' Some @ReformedBroker awesomeness. (And yes, I made the cut.)

Downtown Josh Brown: In 2012 I Learned That…

Downtown Josh Brown: IN 2012 I LEARNED THAT...