Megan McCarthy: “And as any poker player knows, when you’re up against a very stupid opponent, you should never try to bluff.”

StreetEYE Linkfest: Why we won’t mint a platinum coin - - Reuters

alea: +1 Why we won’t mint a platinum coin

Joseph Weisenthal: Don't find @felixsalmon's anti-#MintTheCoin argument to be compelling. Must fight crazy with crazy.

Matthew C. Klein: Great analysis by @felixsalmon on the large downside to minting the magic platinum coin:

felix salmon: Trolling works: even I've been dragged into #mintthecoin now. Curse you, @TheStalwart!

James Ledbetter: The trillion-dollar coin is a lot of fun, until someone puts an eye out, argues @felixsalmon :

Paul Kedrosky: In case anyone needs reminding why this silliness won't happen: Why we won’t mint a platinum coin -

Kid Dynamite: "the (trillion dollar) coin (idea) is as logically robust as it is Constitutionally stupid". @FelixSalmon