CMEGroup: MT @longform: Exit Interview: Timothy Geithner A conversation w/outgoing treas sec (L. Ahamed, @tnr) @thestalwart $$

Kevin Drum - Mother Jones: Republicans Care About Taxes and Spending, Not Deficits

Neil Irwin: An exit interview with Geithner, by Liaquat Ahamed.

Noah Chestnut: RT @Patrick_J_Sims: Really, just a fantastic interview with Timothy Geithner that reads like a well written novel Timothy Geithner On Populism, Paul Ryan, And His Legacy - -

Ben White: Lots of good Geithner stuff in this TNR interview

Joseph Weisenthal: @IvanTheK Sure. Here's the actual site

Josh Barro: I think Tim Geithner is right that both the bankers and the anti-bankers give him too much crap.

Max Abelson: Wow, Geithner says the "public desire for justice and accountability" is nice but not his thing: