Joseph Weisenthal: Wow. @choire and @theawl still haven't specified that this is satire

guan: Trolling = awesome. #slatepitches

Joseph Weisenthal: If someone ever pre-texts me like this in a post, I'd hope they'd at least say something non-cliche

Joseph Weisenthal: Wow. @theawl wrote a dumb post with no depth under @hblodget's by-line. That's incredible.

Heidi N. Moore: "So what if they laugh? More money for me!" Oddly, @hblodget's paean to being hated will make you like him more.

Heidi N. Moore: I genuinely enjoyed @hblodget's defense of trolling.

Heidi N. Moore: "What is wrong with writing something deliberately inflammatory, just so enough people will pass it around Internet"?

The Awl: I Want To Know What's Wrong With Being An Internet Troll -

koxinga21 True henry blodget genius:

mckaycoppins It is genuinely hard to tell whether this parody or not: @hblodget defending internet trolling in


hamiltonnolan Man even THE AWL has to explain each joke to readers now. Welcome to the club guys, it's fun (sarcasm).

jpressler This is genius RT@Awl: I Want To Know What's Wrong With Being An Internet Troll -

dceiver Seems like a lot of people didn't know that the Awl had semi-regular satiric columns until today.

max_read wow. whats going on at the awl? did they get catfished?