Adrian Monck: Regrets of the profiled, @ezraklein edition ht @mccarthyryanj

Roddy Boyd: A liberal wonk mag profiles a liberal wonk about being cool with wonks: Props for most inside-beltway-lede in history

Taylor Lorenz: .@tnr profile of @ezraklein: "That he thinks assiduously about Brand Ezra is hardly surprising."

Michael Calderone: RT @juliaioffe: Ezra Klein, too meta to bear.

Alec MacGillis: “My only advice is...always try to be the talent.” The @juliaioffe profile of @ezraklein:

Justin Wolfers: Profile of @ezraklein "the..handsome nerd, the kid you want explaining your budget policy & marrying your daughter"n

"He might be some kind of secular saint... or he might be the Pol Pot of mainstream media policy-focused web logs"